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Date & Time Details: Sept. 14, 2018 7 PM - 9 PM

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Address: The Center for Spiritual Living 1818 Felt Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95062


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An Evening of Dharma and Music with Anam Thubten and Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche

September 14, 2018

Meditation, Compassion, Enlightenment

Please join us for an evening of meditation, dharma talks, and live music as we explore the relationship between meditation, compassion, and enlightenment.

Anam Thubten and Orgyen Chowang will offer timeless teachings of Buddhist wisdom to bring more joy and peace into our everyday experience.

Anam Thubten grew up in Tibet and undertook Buddhist training at an early age. He is the founder and spiritual advisor of Dharmata Foundation, teaching widely in the US, Europe, and Asia. His many publications include “Embracing Each Moment” and “No Self, No Problem.” For more information:

Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche is a meditation master in the Dzogchen lineage and the author of Our Pristine Mind: A Practical Guide to Unconditional Happiness. He is the founder and spiritual director of Pristine Mind Foundation, and offers teachings for professionals, parents, children, health- care providers, psychologists, spiritual seekers, and yoga practitioners.